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Vaporesso Target PM80 Replacement GTX Coil Head 5PCs

Vaporesso Target PM80 Replacement GTX Coil Head 5PCs
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Vaporesso Target PM80 Replacement GTX Coil Head 5PCs
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Airistech Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer employs a 2200mAh battery
. 3?colors optional.

Main Features:
1. Pre-built 2316mAh bat_xFFFF_     _x000D_ $*5D_£ns:
Brand: Airistech
Model: Nokiva
Battery: Built-in 2200mAh
Adjustable Temperature Range: 300?- 435沈 / 149 - 224⊥
Heating Time: 20s
Charging: Micro USB port
Product Size:?3.7 x?1.8 x 10.1cm
Package Size:?13?x?7 x?5cm
Product Weight: 0.095kg
Package Weight: 0.13kg

Package Contents:
1?x Nokiva Device, 1?x Extra Pyrex Mouthpi_xFFFF_ e Cap, 1 x Carry Bag, 1?x User Manuallmnop"stġĠāyğāĂa mg src="" alt="">&qō�Ō�ŋ�Ŋ�ʼn�ň�Ň�ņ�Ņ�ń�Ń�ł�Ł�ŀ�Ŀ�ľ�Ľ�ļ�Ļ�ĺ�Ĺ�Ħ0mrĂgiĤĠģğĢĥĞġ?xT-yĄd.ȪĀĂăĄ؅hāȁ̂; alt=&quāāāāāāȁȂȂāĂȂ̃̃ā̂̂ĄĄ̄Ԅԅ؅܆t;

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